5 Delicious Ways to Enjoy FigBrew

5 Delicious Ways to Enjoy FigBrew

  • 28 June, 2023
  • Andy Whitehead

At FigBrew, we pride ourselves on crafting sustainable, caffeine-free coffee that is not only packed with health benefits but also brews just like your regular cup of joe. In this blog, we’ll guide you through five different brewing methods — Aeropress, Pour-Over, Espresso, French Press, and Turkish coffee — to help you discover the best way to enjoy your morning routine and satisfy your coffee cravings with little or no caffeine.


Aeropress: Simple and Flavorful

The Aeropress brewing method involves a four-part device. The pieces you'll need are the plunger, container, filter, and a strainer that goes at the bottom. To assemble, place the filter into the strainer. Screw the strainer to the Aeropress container at the bottom. Now, you place the Aeropress container on top of your coffee cup. Put your fig coffee inside the body of the Aeropress and pour hot water to your desired level. Next, firmly press the plunger down with about 10 to 15 pounds of pressure to squeeze the rich flavors of the fig into your cup. Voila! This method minimizes water contact for a rich, full-bodied taste! It also makes clean-up a breeze since the plunger cleans the inside of the Aeropress container as it plunges. Sweeten to taste with your favorite creamer, and enjoy!



Pour-Over: Customizable and Versatile

With pour-over brewing, you have two options: a steel mesh filter or a paper filter. While both are acceptable, a paper filter is preferred for enhanced taste and health benefits. But don't worry! You can use both at the same time by adding your paper filter inside the mesh filter and still get a brew-tiful beverage!

Before you begin, boil a pot of hot water to use for later. Grab your FigBrew and add about a teaspoon of it to the filter. For an 8oz. cup, a teaspoon is generally enough for this serving size. But feel free to add more for larger cup sizes. Then, slowly pour your boiled water in a circular motion into the coffee pot, allowing the flavors to bloom. Avoid pouring too fast to prevent overflow. Lastly, remove the coffee pot and add your favorite creamer and sweetener to personalize your perfect cup! For those wanting a larger cup, use the same amount of water but add more FigBrew in the filter. This gives a more concentrated brew but prevents the pour-over filter from getting clogged by the fig dust. Finally, add hot water to the brew to bring it back to the desired strength.

Now that's two brewing methods down; it's time to kick it up a notch and explore more ways to enjoy our caffeine-free goodness.



Espresso: Intense and Indulgent

Before we start this delightful espresso, you'll need an espresso machine (we use a DeLonghi 15-bar), a portafilter with a double shot, and Figgee. Make sure the water is preheated at the right temperature in the machine. Wet down two paper Aeropress filters and place them in the portafilter. Wetting them allows the paper filters to conform easily to the shape of the portafilter. Since Figgee is very concentrated, you'll only need about a tablespoon. Install the portafilter into the espresso machine, turn it on, and let it brew. Within 30 seconds to 1 minute, you'll have a velvety espresso shot to enjoy!

Espresso is only part of what you can do! We're gonna take this blissful espresso drink to another level with a Figgee Latte. Once you’ve made your fig espresso shot, switch to "froth mode." Put your frothing arm inside your cup of milk and allow the machine to froth. Now, mix the two delights into your favorite mug and enjoy!



French Press: Rich and Convenient

French Press brewing is known for its simplicity and affordability compared to other methods. All you need is hot water, your French press, and of course, your preferred Figgee blend! With FigBrew products, it brews much faster than regular coffee so this is a great method for those on the go. To begin, add a teaspoon of fig coffee and 8 ounces of hot water to the body of the device. The device has two parts. Ensure that the pour indicator on the top of the plunger is facing away from the glass spout if it can be rotated. Insert the plunger onto the glass container holding your roasted fig/water mix without pushing the plunger down and wait. After 30-60 secs of brewing (yes-faster than coffee), slowly press the plunger down. Pour your freshly brewed fig coffee into your favorite cup and sip away!



Turkish Fig Coffee: Robust and Textured

Turkish coffee brewed in a cezve pot provides the most intense cup of coffee with several different textures. It can be brewed black or with sugar and/or spices like cardamom or cinnamon added before brewing. Just about any metal pot can be used but the traditional cezve pot holds about 6-oz and typically has a long handle to prevent getting close to the heat source. Fig coffee is the only coffee alternative that can be brewed in a cezve pot and replicates the coffee experience quite closely.

The key to making Turkish fig coffee is to grind the fig extremely fine – even finer than a typical espresso coffee ground. Not every coffee grinder can grind this fine but some manual grinders can or you can request FigBrew to grind it this fine before shipping. Once you’ve ground your fig coffee to the appropriate grind size, you will need a cezve pot, water, sugar or spice if you choose, and your favorite FigBrew blend. Add approximately 2-tbsp of finely ground fig coffee to the cezve pot and add 6-oz of cold water. Place over a burner or gas flame and allow to heat for several minutes. You will start to see the fig coffee foam at the top as it brews. At this point, you can pour off the foam and reposition on the heat source. The cezve pot will generate more foam which can be poured off as well. After a few rounds of pouring off foam, the cezve pot will boil indicating the brewing process is complete. Add milk if you wish and enjoy. Your Turkish fig coffee will change texture as you drink it with the top foam layer being frothy and the bottom layer being muddier and grittier with dissolved grounds. Allowing it to cool a few minutes before consuming will allow some of the grounds to precipitate out for a smoother finish. In general, Turkish fig coffee is meant to be sipped slow and savored.



No matter your preferred brewing method, FigBrew’s alternative coffee offers a nutritional and health-packed coffee substitute that brews just like regular coffee. Whether you choose the Aeropress, Pour-Over, French Press, or Espresso, you can savor the robust flavors and experience the unique benefits of fig coffee. Explore the world of FigBrew and indulge in a coffee experience that is as good for you as it is delicious. Happy brewing!

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