Ways To Enjoy FigBrew

Mellow and Caffeine Free

We love coffee but sometimes it doesn’t love us.

Our Figgee is a fig coffee alternative that is healthy. It’s 100% roasted figs, mellow and easy on the stomach while satisfying the coffee craving and it’s caffeine free. Because of the antioxidants, probiotics and alkaline properties, it’s actually great for your digestive system. We recommend 5g per 8oz (4.2g = teaspoon).

Brew It Like Coffee

You can brew FigBrew just like your favorite coffee - including espresso or nitro cold brew - as long as you use paper filters. When ground, Figgee has a larger particle size distribution than coffee. There will be grounds larger than the average and there will be basically fine fig dust. This fig dust will clog up the holes in a portafilter used for espresso, a percolator, or even the holes in steel mesh filters used for refillable K-cups or drip coffee makers. The round paper filters used in Aeropress makers work great for espresso portafilters and cost only a penny or two in volume. Any paper filter can be used in a percolator or over a steel mesh filter. Delicious, healthy and a great way to start your day.

You can also use Figgee to add to your own favorite coffee. Since roasted fig is smooth and mellow, it brings out the taste of whatever you add to it. We recommend a coffee/figgee ratio of between 25/75 and 50/50 depending on your caffeine and acid tolerance.

Pour It Over Ice

Do you like iced coffee? If so, you will love FigBrew on ice! Delicious and healthy.

It makes a nice cold brew or nitro cold brew and brews much faster than coffee. When we cold brew coffee, we usually let it sit 18-24 hours. Roasted fig cold brews in 1-2 hours.

Some Tips

Roasted fig grinds a little differently than coffee. Brewing coffee using different techniques requires different grinds. Roasted fig doesn't see a lot of benefit from different grinds. That's because it has a larger distribution of particle sizes than coffee - anywhere from fig dust to coarse grounds. For any brewing technique, using the recommended fig-to-water ration should give good results. When making concentrated Figgee or a lot of it, we recommend brewing with less water to keep the smaller roasted fig particles from clogging the filter. Once brewed, just add hot water to bring the concentration up to taste.

Suggested Servings

Not an Instant Beverage
½ to 1 teaspoon of Figgee or 1 to 1½ teaspoons of Mellow Mix per 8 oz of water

French Press

Drip Coffee Maker

Pour Over