What is FigBrew?

FigBrew make the only coffee supplement on the market. We also make your favorite cup of coffee healthier, tastier, less expensive, and more sustainable.

Roasted fig as a beverage has been around for hundreds of years so we're not inventing anything - just re-introducing it. It's a remarkable product that enhances every aspect of coffee enjoyment.

Our Philosphy

We brew a delicious, award-winning alternative to coffee. Made from the best-tasting figs in the world, FigBrew is the coffee alternative you've been looking for.

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How We Do It

Wine has grapes, coffee has beans, and we have figs. There are hundreds of different types of figs in the world – each with its own complex flavor profile that changes when roasted. When you enjoy Figgee or our Mellow Mix, you are guaranteed an experience that honors the fig from tree to brew.

It all starts with how we choose our figs. We have found that sun-dried, organic Mediterranean figs offer the smoothest taste with the highest health benefits. In our continued commitment to the environment, we can take the figs that others might not. In other words, ugly figs taste great and make good FigBrew.

Similar to roasting coffee beans, we strive to get the best flavor from each fig in each batch. A highlight of the fig roast is the caramelization process that brings out certain characteristics of the fig. Once roasted, the figs are ground and packaged. Each step from soil in the Mediterranean to the grinding process celebrates the flavor of the fig.

Through years of research, our signature roasting technique gives each batch the smooth, earthy taste that our customers have come to expect.

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