Our Sustainable Promise

From fig harvest to packaging, FigBrew is committed to the environment and believes that all of us have a responsibility to help sustain the world we live in. Figs have been grown sustainably in the Mediterranean for thousands of years by growers who make an honest wage and who destroy forests to grow. It takes approximately 45% of the water required to generate the roasted fig needed for one cup than it does for coffee so figs are a better alternative just on the basis of sustainability. When you throw in health and taste reasons, makes you wonder why anyone is drinking anything else.


FigBrew products are shipped in a recyclable box and tin container. When you order a FigBrew product please recycle or reuse the container.

Although FigBrew products are made in the USA, we source raw goods internationally from developing nations under Fair-Trade practices.

Better Partners to the Planet

It’s all about us taking small steps toward looking after Mother Earth to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. Enjoy FigBrew as a coffee replacement, and know you are helping your body and the environment in doing so!