Announcing FigBrew's 2022 Non-Profit Donation Recipient

Announcing FigBrew's 2022 Non-Profit Donation Recipient

  • 19 January, 2023
  • Andy Whitehead

As stated on each tin of product ever sold, FigBrew donate a portion of profits each year to environmentally conscious non-profit organizations.  And we have for every year that we've been in business - even the early years when we really didn't have any profit.  That's how important we feel it is to contribute back to the world.  Figs themselves have a remarkable symbiotic relationship with the fig wasp - each cannot survive without the other.  We at FigBrew have our own symbiotic relationship with our employees, customers, vendors, and the environment and are committed to contributing back.

To that end, our 2022 donation recipient was the World Resources Institute whose mission statement is "to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.”  The WRI mission statement resonated with us and inspires us to adopt a similar strategy but substitute “work” for “live.”  One major determining factor for our donation to the WRI was their 91% rating on CharityWatch.  This rating was predicated on an overhead of 9% which is not always an indicator of efficiency but is remarkably low for an organization of WRI’s size.  With offices in Brazil, India, China, Europe, USA, Mexico, Colombia, and Indonesia, WRI have feet on the ground in places that are critical to their mission statement with the track record and infrastructure in place to make a difference.

Our yearly non-profit selection is always a source of fun and learning on our part.  It’s amazing to see what organizations are out there trying to make their impact on the world.  Each has its unique goals and objectives driven primarily by the founding members of the organization.  We hope FigBrew can contribute to moving the needle in the right direction and appreciate the work being done by the World Resources Institute and all the other non-profits we reviewed. We look forward to reviewing next year’s donation candidates with the same joy and wonderment.  May 2023 bring health, prosperity, and happiness to our employees, family, friends, customers, suppliers, and the world.

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