Commitment to Quality

Our roasting process celebrates the fig from tree to brew. Like a good coffee or wine, there are four categories to tasting.


Believe it or not, we taste first with our nose. The tongue only senses sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Our noses sense thousands of smells. So, take a deep whiff before you taste to smell the earthiness of the fig with its notes of the Mediterranean and rich nuttiness.


Unlike traditional coffee, FigBrew roasted fig products have low acidity with a clean finish and no bitterness.


This is the thickness of the drink and depends heavily on the brew process and dissolved solids. Roasted fig results in more dissolved solids than coffee so the impression is a more robust beverage.


Like beauty is to the eye of the beholder, so too is flavor. We have heard our brews described in many ways including nutty, earthy, rich, malty and caramel notes. We agree with them all! To us, the prefect cup is the taste of wellness.

Our Farms

Our figs are sourced from the Mediterranean where figs have been grown sustainably for thousands of years by workers who earn an honest wage. FigBrew is committed to providing healthy alternatives to coffee and partnering only with those farms that give back to the community and world.

Figs use 1/8th of the water footprint and 1/13th of the carbon footprint of coffee. Industry forecasts are that the coffee culture as we know it today will cease to exist by 2050 due to deforestation, climate change, and disease. Figs are impacted much less by these factors and, when mixed with coffee, can keep the coffee culture around much longer and guide it towards sustainability.

FigBrew coffees are sourced from Central American Highland countries yielding a unique smooth flavor and bright crisp aroma with a long tradition. For centuries, coffee trees were picked by local farmers in small depressed communities looking to make a better life for their families. The coffee beans used in FigBrew products are a mix selected from small farms based on taste and consistency.

While the goal of the farm is the make the highest quality coffee, FigBrew’s passion is to empower workers through employment.