FigBrew Mellow Mix K-Cups
FigBrew Mellow Mix K-Cup
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Fig coffee k-cups

Mellow Mix Single Use Pods (50mg caffeine/serving)

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FigBrew Mellow Mix K-Cups

Mellow Mix Single Use Pods (50mg caffeine/serving)


Half-caff roasted fig and coffee blend in single-use k-cups

Your morning routine just got easier!  Enjoy your favorite half-caff in our recyclable, environmentally friendly k-cups.  Mellow Mix is coffee with a healthy add-on of our roasted figs. Mellow, healthy, and delicious!  Mellow Mix contains fig and coffee.

12 k-cups per box


Our k-cups embody our mission to:


    • Give you a moment to slow down and enjoy yourself
    • Promote sustainability with recyclable materials
    • Introduce convenience into your healthy lifestyle
    • Nourish your body with a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants

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