Andy Whitehead

When a coffee-addicted tech entrepreneur tried to quit coffee once again he was reminded of the challenges of giving it all up. But it was more than the jolt of caffeine that he was giving up – it was the ritual of wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee in the morning, inhaling the aroma, and letting that complex taste run over your tongue. The acid and caffeine always came back to remind him: β€œI have always loved coffee. But coffee doesn’t love me.”

So, he did what any trained research scientist would do… he went to the history books. Searching for alternative health products was not intuitive, but he knew there was better out there. Enter the fig. After reading an article about how the British used to add roasted fig to coffee during World War II to make it last longer, Andy started to experiment with different figs and different roasting and grinding profiles.

Fig, in its purest roasted form, had it all from the earthiness flavor in the cup to the ritual of brewing and sipping. And here we are β€” a healthy coffee substitute.

It's been 2019 since Andy drank a hot beverage that didn't have roasted fig. His favorite brew is 75% roasted fig and 25% coffee brewed using an Aeropress.

Marianne Whitehead

I was never a stumble-out-of-bed-in-search-of-a-coffee person. To be honest, I found coffee bitter. So, when Andy served me my first cup of Figgee I was smitten.

I work on the day-to-day operations to share FigBrew near and far. I am proud to be part of the FigBrew team because we stand for more than just the brew. We believe in the environment and our impact on the planet. I love that we give back to leave the planet better, one cup at a time.

Kevin Deasy

Andy and I worked in the tech world for years, far from figs. One day Andy reached out and said he had found the perfect cup of coffee. I was intrigued. The next day Andy and Marianne served me a Figgee, and it’s now part of my daily routine.

Being part of FigBrew is more rewarding than just making a better coffee. Our commitment to the environment is evident from our Fair-Trade harvest to sustainable packaging and reusable solutions whenever possible.

It is through the grace of God we are here on this beautiful planet. It is through our work with FigBrew that we leave a better environment for generations to some.

Katey Deasy

What I first noticed about Figgee was that the last taste is as good as the first. I am the person who works on one cup all day, so this was a welcome to change to the usual bitterness I found with coffee. Then Marianne served me a latte and I was hooked. I love being part of the FigBrew team.