From the founders of FigBrew

From the founders of FigBrew

  • 16 July, 2021
  • Andy Whitehead

I have always loved coffee. But coffee doesn’t love me. 

Too much and I experience stomach issues from the acid and become over-stimulated from the caffeine. I have also found I am addicted to caffeine and get a headache if I skip a day.  Periodically, I’ll get frustrated from the vicious cycle and stop drinking coffee anywhere from a week to a year!

When I take a break from my morning coffee, I’m looking for something to wake up to with that same robust, earthy taste (less stomach issues and over-stimulation). I’ve been through just about every coffee alternative and none of them really satisfied me as a coffee drinker.

A few years ago, I read an article about how coffee was rationed in England during World War II. To stretch the ratio, roasted fig was added to the coffee due to its very similar taste and subtle flavor.  After the war, everyone went back to straight coffee. As it turned out, they were actually adding something quite healthy to their coffee with the roasted fig. I had never heard of this before so decided to learn how to roast and grind figs.

Fast forward several months’ worth of experimentation, FigBrew was born. I was blown away by how good it tasted – and how similar it was to coffee, even to a hard-core coffee drinker.

Asking someone to give up their coffee culture is a feat in itself. Especially if they are experiencing health issues or sick of the side effects (like me!) but don’t want to quit cold turkey/cold coffee.

The primary benefit of FigBrew is the displacement of the caffeine and acid found in traditional coffee while providing the same coffee-culture experience. For a true coffee drinker, there are hard expectations. For example, before a customer ever tastes or smells coffee, the simple act of adding milk to coffee comes with certain expectations of how it looks. Roasted fig is the only coffee alternative I’ve found that looks just like coffee when milk is added.

Secondary benefits include adding antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals not present in coffee. Figs are part of a Mediterranean diet and contain prebiotics that helps with the absorption of calcium. In fact, roasted figs can be served hot or iced. For real coffee lovers, we offer a Mellow Mix that is a 50/50 blend of premium coffee and roasted fig.  With half the caffeine and acid, customers can drink twice as much and still come away with a healthier lifestyle.

Our products are made from the ground up to appeal to coffee drinkers. We aren’t trying to compete with coffee, we are Coffee’s Mellow Mate and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

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