Mellow and Caffeine Free

Mellow and Caffeine Free

We love coffee but sometimes it doesn’t love us.

Our Figgee is a coffee alternative that is healthy. It’s 100% roasted figs, mellow and easy on the stomach while satisfying the coffee craving and it’s caffeine free. Because of the antioxidants, probiotics and alkaline properties, it’s actually great for your digestive system. We recommend 5g per 8oz (4.2g = teaspoon). 

Mix It Up

To make our favorite cup of coffee, we boil water, let it settle and use a pour over filter using 8.5g (2 teaspoon) of our Mellow Mix per 8 oz. Mellow Mix is a perfectly balanced mix of our premium roast Honduras’ coffee and Figgee. Coffee with the healthy add-on of Figgee. Delicious, healthy and a great way to start your day.

You can also use Figgee to add to your own favorite coffee. We recommend a coffee, figgee ratio of 70/30 respectively.

Pour It Over Ice

Do you like iced coffee? If so, you will love FigBrew on ice! Delicious and heathy.

Pour FigBrew Over Ice
Mellow Mix
woman drinking FigBrew outside

No matter what your day looks like, FigBrew will put a smile on your face and boost your energy level to do whatever the day has in store for you!

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