Why FigBrew?

We brew a delicious, award-winning alternative to coffee. Made from the best-tasting figs in the world, FigBrew is the coffee alternative you've been looking for.

Coffee Alternative

No jitters, No harsh acids. No digestive issues. Extend your drinking time well into the afternoon and evening.

Coffee Culture

FigBrew products look, taste, and behave like coffee. Enjoy them in a variety of forms, just like you would your coffee. Keep your morning routine.


From sourcing to shipping, we believe that each of us has a responsibility to help sustain the world we live in.


Because Figgee is so much like coffee, brew it however you like - French press, pour-over, or drip. Still need caffeine? FigBrew Mellow Mix is for you.

Aren’t There Other “Coffee Alternatives” Out There?

Not like FigBrew.

Other coffee alternatives suggest that you need to change your routines and learn how to adjust your rituals and refreshment expectations to a clumsy mix or preparation process. Our message at FigBrew is just the opposite. We've found the perfect cup of coffee...that happens to actually not have any coffee in it.

Don’t change your morning routine. Enhance it.

Our Brews


Caffeine-free, pure roasted fig beverage.

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Mellow Mix

Half-caff premium coffee with a healthy add-on of our roasted figs.

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FigBrew Functionals

Although roasted fig is a functional beverage itself, FigBrew Functionals add chai, matcha, or beetroot for even more health benfits.

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Single Serve K-Cups

Your morning routine just got easier! Enjoy your favorite FigBrew beverage in our recyclable, environmentally friendly k-cups. Each k-cup provides a convenient, single-serve moment to yourself.