Just like coffee, there are hundreds of different types of figs in the world – each with its own unique taste when roasted.  Extracting optimal flavor profiles from figs is similar to the roasting processes that occur in coffee beans.  At FigBrew, we’ve devoted extensive research and development into selecting and roasting figs for that smooth earthy taste that our customers have come to expect. 

We start with the best sun-dried organic figs and have found Mediterranean figs to offer the smoothest taste with the best health advantages.  Similar to the coffee roasting process, roasted figs undergo a Maillard reaction that can be tweaked to bring out certain characteristics.  Unlike coffee beans though, caramelization contributes just as big or an even bigger contribution to the taste profile depending on the type of fig. 

Our products were developed by experimentation over several years with multiple types of figs at various roasting temperatures and profiles.  Even our grinding process is optimized for flavor extraction.  We’re very proud of the end result and are committed to the consistent quality our customers demand.

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