Our fig farms are located in hidden corners of the Meandros plain which allows us to harvest the latest crops of the season with full flavor. Meandros and Little Meandros coastal flood plains are rich with alluvial deposits and the Mediterrenean climate is the best for fig species.

The farm has over a 170 acres with trees ranging from 5 to 40 years age. The family farm is 100 years old and spans four generations. We think the figs produced on this farm are some of the best in the world!

FigBrew fig farms
FigBrew coffee farm

The all women coffee farm we work with grows coffee in the volcanic soil of the La Botija Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and southern Honduras’ primary coffee region. The result is a unique smooth flavor and bright crisp aroma with a long tradition. For centuries, women would pick this specialty grade coffee yet be paid only a fraction of what men made. Eager to provide for their families, they would take what they could get. That is, until a new farm was established in 2006.

While the goal of the farm is the make the highest quality coffee, their passion is to empower women through employment. Today they pay the women workers nearly double other established wages.

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