Is Figgee really just roasted fig?
Yes – there is only one ingredient with no sugar, preservatives, or taste enhancers added.  Mellow Mix only has two ingredients – Honduran coffee beans and roasted Mediterranean figs.
What type of coffee is used in Mellow Mix?
We have partnered with a Honduran coffee farm dedicated to empowering local women through employment.  Besides making a really good cup of fig/coffee blend, FigBrew contributes to a thrive-able wage for this group of Honduran coffee farm workers who are traditionally paid only a fraction of what men make.  Through this partnership, we hope to be known for our contributions back to a sustainable world economy rather than for being the low-cost leader.
What’s the best way to store FigBrew roasted fig products?
Once roasted and ground, figs begin to lose their flavor due to exposure to air (oxygen) and moisture.  We recommend buying FigBrew products weekly and storing in a cool dark place.  Many customers store their roasted fig products in their refrigerator by default and, while not necessary, will stay fresh for months.
How do I prepare FIggee or Mellow Mix?
Both Figgee and Mellow Mix are prepared using most common ground coffee techniques – including drip, pour-over, Chemex, French press, or steeping (cowboy coffee).  The brewing process results in grounds that we recommend be used for compost since they are organic and all-natural. Neither Figgee nor Mellow Mix are instant beverages so do not assume that the ground product will dissolve in hot water.  
Are FigBrew products available in grocery stores in my area?
Not at this time.  FigBrew products can be purchased directly from FigBrew ( or through one of our resellers.
Can I use Figgee to mix with my own preferred coffee?
Absolutely.  Mellow Mix is a pre-mixed fig/coffee blend that we have developed over time to give a smooth tasty hot beverage but there is no reason that you can’t mix with your own coffee to reduce caffeine consumption or make it easier on the stomach.  We find that a 1:1 ratio of roasted fig-to-coffee preserves the flavor of the coffee but introduces the best that roasted fig has to offer.
Can Figgee be used for espresso?
No – roasted fig grounds absorb too much hot water and prevent it from being forced through under pressure.  Mellow Mix can be used for espresso and you can mix Figgee by volume at 50% or less with your favorite coffee to make espresso.
Your canister says that “a portion of profits will go to support environmentally conscience non-profit organizations”.  What non-profit benefits?

We don’t select just one.  Each year, FigBrew reviews multiple non-profit candidates that share our goal of driving towards a sustainable world economy – and this starts with reducing the impact on our environment.  It’s not hard to do but does require a commitment.  Traditionally, we select non-profits with a proven history of effecting positive change.  Having said that, we are always open to new ideas so, if you have a favorite non-profit that you feel is worthwhile, please send us an email to and we will throw the name in the hat.

I live outside of the United States, how do I order?

We are happy to accommodate international orders, within reason. Please reach out to us at for all orders to be shipped internationally.

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