What is Figgee?

Jun 02, 2021

What is Figgee?

What do you do?

Defining who we are or what we do is typically very simple and straight forward for most of us.

I’m a doctor.
I’m a plumber.
I’m a gymnast.

We’re comfortable with simple categories that we understand and can quickly relate to. Occasionally, we’ll encounter a person that makes us think a little and even ask a few clarifying questions.

I’m a Consultant to Stand-Up Comics.
I’m a Philosophy Professor Uber Driver.
I’m a Real Estate Novelist.

Those are the people that are usually much more interesting and worth spending some time with. They have stories to tell.

One thing we frequently hear from our customers seems like a very simple question: “Is Figgee coffee”? As we just learned, not all simple questions have simple answers.

Chemically speaking, the answer is very simple. No. Figgee is not coffee.

Figgee looks like ground coffee and acts like ground coffee and even tastes like ground coffee, but Figgee is made from only a single ingredient: Roasted Figs. Figgee is mellow, full of flavor, has zero caffeine or added sugars, and is packed with vitamins and minerals. The taste is smooth, and the health benefits are abundant. Figgee is coffee’s mellow mate.

The flavor of ground Figgee is twice as strong as coffee, therefore a can of Figgee stretches further and lasts longer than the same amount of ground coffee. This helps us reduce our environmental impact all while giving you a product that is both delicious and healthy.

Culturally speaking, the answer is not that simple…or maybe it is.

Coffee is about much more than just the ingredients. Coffee is about experiences. Coffee is about first dates, friendly business meetings, catching up with old friends, and extending hospitality to our guests. Coffee is often at the center of the most sacred times of the day – quiet early mornings preparing for the busy day ahead or winding down on your patio after dinner with family or close friends.

Most people enjoying their first cup of Figgee do not even realize they are not drinking coffee. It feels like coffee. It sips like coffee. It warms your soul like coffee. However, FigBrew products provide a healthier way to fully embrace and participate in the coffee culture without the additives or side effects of coffee. Coffee lovers that have been forced to give up or limit their coffee intake are back in the game with Figgee!

So, what do we call it?

We hear people refer to FigBrew products as “coffee made with figs.” While that is a simple descriptor, it is not exactly correct.

What about “coffee alternative?”
That is not a bad description because it speaks to one of the great things about FigBrew – it allows all coffee lovers to embrace a healthy, mellow drink that is also delicious and familiar. This is particularly valuable to those that need to avoid or eliminate traditional coffee from their routine for health or dietary requirements. But “coffee alternative” sounds like you are settling for something because you cannot have the real thing. Nothing could be farther from the truth! While Figgee is a delicious and healthy alternative to coffee, most of our customers (even those that still drink coffee) are quick to admit that sometimes they just have to have a Figgee!

So, where do we go from here?

Maybe it is not that important to put this drink into just one category. How can a single category capture all that FigBrew products are…and are not? For now, let’s just call it Figgee, the Real Estate Novelist of refreshing and comforting beverages. It has many stories to tell.