Fuel Alternatives

Aug 17, 2021

Fuel Alternatives

What kind of gasoline do you choose at the pump? 

It’s great to have choices, but sometimes you regret not reading your car’s manual. Do you pick regular/unleaded, mid-grade, or premium? Does it even matter?

It does.

If you think choosing the right nozzle at the gas station is tough, then finding the right fuel blend for your body may seem impossible.  If we were machines, it’d probably be a little easier. But we’re happy we’re people instead. After all, people have the free will to make cheesy puns like the one we’re about to subject you to.

So when we here at FigBrew “fig”ured out that the kind of fuel we give our bodies matters, we decided to take our morning routines to a higher nutritional level. Once we started roasting figs, we finally found out what a delicious and healthy coffee alternative (or Mellow Mate!) should taste like.

Why should cars get all the options anyway? People should have fuel choices too. Our coffee alternative is warm, natural, nutritious energy in your morning tumbler. With Figgee, there’s no need to alter your morning routine dramatically. We’re thrilled to provide a delicious alternative or tasty addition to your morning mug.

With the world moving faster than ever, it’s easy to forget how important it is to pay attention to what we feed ourselves. So why do we use figs? It’s simple.

Figs are health food dynamos that boost sustainable energy sources in our bodies naturally. Tom Waterfal of summarizes the scientific link between healthy eating and productivity. He concludes that macronutrient balanced diets can:

  • Increase energy and alertness
  • Ensure a healthy immune system
  • Improve sleep leading to greater concentration

Imagine sticking a patch on a deflated tire and forgetting to refill it with air. Okay, maybe we still have cars on our brains — but that’s essentially what we’re doing to our bodies every single day when we deprive ourselves of good nutrition. Our work and social lives can be so much more enjoyable when we actually resolve our problems rather than slap bandaids on them.

Honestly, most of us rely on our good ‘ol dependable unleaded fuel, but it’s time to consider some small changes when our overall well-being is affected. That’s why we brew Figgee and Mellow Mix.

Whether you’re looking to decrease your caffeine intake, cut it out altogether, or pay more attention to what you’re putting in your body — we’re here to make the process much easier for you. Go ahead.  Make a small step towards long-term productivity and steady energy today. Incorporate healthy, sustainable energy into your morning routine with FigBrew, and maybe treat your car to some premium fuel the next time you’re at the gas station too.