Coffee & Figs

Sep 15, 2021

Coffee & Figs

A “Brew”tiful Mellow Relationship

Have you ever been single for over a year? How about ten years? If so, you may understand how the bag of Coffee sitting on your kitchen counter feels. Thankfully, brooding time is finally over. Coffee has met its soulmate after being ground alone for centuries!  So, who’s the lucky dreamboat, you ask?  Figs. 

Will this “brew”tifully budding relationship fizzle or flourish? Well, we’re not in Hollywood, and you won’t find your answer on any tabloid covers. So, here are three successful relationship characteristics we’ve noticed between Coffee and Figs that make us think this love is here to stay: 

  1. Teamwork

“Happy couples that are truly in love want to help each other,” writes. Individual growth and development are a mutual win in successful relationships. These couples work together because they feel the need to help and support each other through life. We discovered that when it comes to creating a morning beverage with delicious flavor, Figs and Coffee work beautifully together.

Figs help “mop-up” free radicals in your body, while Coffee instantly delivers caffeine to your brain. Harmoniously ground and roasted, Figs and Coffee create our delicious, Mellow Mix — a unique FigBrew blend that energizes the senses with less caffeine than Coffee alone.   

  1. Growing Better Together

Coffee and Figs are more mellow as a pair. While Figs continually work hard to balance out Coffee’s acidity and add nutritional value plus delicious flavor to your morning mug, Coffee is just as dedicated. No more simply delivering caffeinated morning wake-up calls and calling it a day. Coffee is mature enough to know that a healthy and progressive relationship with a fantastic fruit like Figs needs a robust foundation.

According to, Coffee grounds are particularly beneficial for fig plants because they help them grow and stay strong. How? Coffee grounds contain a good amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper — all essential to maintaining a healthy fig plant. They also increase the acidity of the soil, which is helpful for fig plants as they prefer more acidic soil with a pH of 6.0-6.5

So, it’s no surprise that Coffee has a green thumb. writes, “Coffee grounds and gardening go together naturally. Whether you are composting with coffee grounds or using used coffee grounds around the yard, you will find that coffee can give your garden as much of a pick-me-up as it does for you.” 

  1. Love Everlasting 

Coffee and Figs aren’t going stag anymore if we have anything to say about it.  No one wants to see them roasting and grinding their lives away all alone, anyway. Here at FigBrew, we believe in nurturing “brew”tiful relationships. As long as Figs and Coffee keep creating the delicious, healthy blends that wake you up and keep you zen — we plan to keep brewing them together. So, they’re essentially married now. Love wins. 

Finally, you can leave the tabloids at your local grocer on the racks. Forget about Hollywood Hot Couples. Keep it local and follow all the deets on the Hottest Huntsville Couple today — Mellow Mix by FigBrew.  Check out our website or follow us on Instagram @figbrew to find out where you can grab a cup today.