Andy Whitehead

Exploring alternative health products was not an intuitive path for me. I started my career as a classically trained research scientist then built and sold a successful technology company. Along the way, I have also been on a 40-year search for the perfect cup of coffee. I love coffee!  There’s nothing like wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee in the morning, inhaling the aroma, and letting that complex bitter taste run over your tongue. I would drink gallons of it except for two reasons – acid and caffeine. More than two cups a day and the acid plays havoc with my digestive tract. And any coffee after noon is guaranteed to keep me up at night. Physiological limitations are the most frequent complaints I hear from hard-core coffee drinkers. On top of that, I am an addict. If I skip a day to go camping or otherwise, I end up with a headache. Then I get mad that I am dependent on a chemical and decide to go off coffee altogether – I’ll show it. Usually this lasts for a few weeks to months but over a year in one case.

“I always start back – not because of the caffeine which I’ve successfully put in its place but because of the secondary effects like having something warm and aromatic in your hands first thing in the morning and the earthy taste as I drink it down.  

Then I found roasted fig and my world changed. After reading an article about how the British used to add roasted fig to coffee during World War II to make it last longer, I started to experiment with different figs and different roasting and grinding profiles. I was blown away by how good roasted fig is in its pure form.  

Figs are part of a Mediterranean diet and high in fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. They are also alkaline and offset coffee’s acid.  From this simple origin, FigBrew evolved to bring the purity, simplicity, and health benefits of roasted fig into the mainstream consciousness. 
As a company, FigBrew brings purity, simplicity, and health to all facets of our operation from raw products to Fair Trade growing partners to sustainable packaging to re-investing in the community. It’s been quite a trip and we hope you join us for the rest of it.


Marianne Whitehead

I am not a stumble out of bed in search of a cup of coffee person, actually I found coffee too bitter for my liking, so I avoid it.

So I was really grateful when Andy introduced me to my first cup of Figgee, it was a Figgee Latte, made with creamy frothy oat milk –definitely luxury in a cup. So now on a cold morning, I have a Figgee Latte, with oat milk, its so frothy and smooth. 

And last thing at night after dinner, while winding down from the day, I love finishing off the day with a Figgee Latte (Oat Milk)– just a little bit of heaven after a long day.

I am proud to be part of Figbrew with Andy, Kevin and Katey because we all care about the environment. our impact on the planet and its very satisfying to be able to give back.

I hope you will enjoy your Figgee Latte as much as I enjoy mine, please feel free to share a picture of your Figgee in your favourite mug on our social pages, we would love to see your images.

Kevin Deasy

My introduction to roasted figs is curtesy of my good friend Andy Whitehead. Andy and I previously worked together in a technology company. I remember many meetings at the office over a cup of coffee. Andy gave me a call one day and said “Kevin, after years of searching I have found the perfect cup of coffee!”. The next day Andy and Marianne paid me a visit and introduced me to roasted figs. I was hooked! While overflowing with vitamins and minerals, the taste is what got me. I love coffee. I drink it everyday, but now I drink it everyday with figgee added to my coffee brew.

However, FigBrew is more then just the perfect cup of coffee. FigBrew represents something that is also dear to my heart – treating the environment with respect. We are committed to the environment and promote recycling, sustainable packaging, and reusable solutions whenever possible.

I place great importance on the gift God has blessed us with and that is our Beautiful Earth. Supporting organizations that protect our environment is a great way ensure it is there for future generations to enjoy.

Katey Deasy

I’m a slow go coffee drinker, I carry my mug around all morning sipping, but I never finish. It turns bitter.
When Marianne and Andy brought over mellow mix for us to try the first thing I noticed was the mellowness throughout the entire mug. The first sip was as good as the last.
It was an easy decision to get on board with Figbrew. It’s healthy and delicious! The smell alone is worth having another cup.  We hope you give us a try and taste how Figbrew can change your drinking habit.
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