Find out why fig is the new superfood

FigBrew Wins People's Choice Award at Cincinatti Coffee Festival in 2021 & 2022

Delicious hot or cold, roasted fig is naturally caffeine-free, alkaline, and high in potassium to help reduce blood pressure. Figs are an ancient fruit with health benefits that have been relied upon for centuries. The first fruit to be domesticated, figs are actually flowers with heath benefits that extend beyond their nutritional content. Not only do FigBrew products keep you in the coffee culture, they offset the health concerns of most customers - namely acid, caffeine, and the blood pressure spike. It's the anti-coffee for coffee lovers. All FIgBrew products are made in the USA from only organic ingredients. Note: some of our products contain caffeine. Please see individual product for caffeine content. Note: we only use natural ingredients in all our products with no preservatives so some clumping may occur.

Coffee Alternative

No jitters, No harsh acids. No digestive issues. Extend your drinking time well into the afternoon and evening. Keep the focus and intensity going all day instead of just an hour or two.

Coffee Culture

FigBrew products look, taste, and behave curiously like coffee. Our products are not instants or herbals but are brewed just like coffee. Enjoy them in a variety of forms, just like you would your coffee. Keep your morning routine.


From sourcing to shipping, we believe that each of us has a responsibility to help sustain the world we live in. Our packaging and partnerships are evaluated for sustainability and a percentage of profits are donated to environmentally conscious non-profits.


Because Figgee is so much like coffee, brew it however you like - French press, pour-over, or drip. Still need caffeine? FigBrew Mellow Mix is for you. We offer both caffeine-free and caffenated products so check each product label for caffeine content.

Aren’t There Other “Coffee Alternatives” Out There?

Not like FigBrew.

Instants, herbals, and teas just don't cut it for true coffee drinkers. FigBrew brews using the same equipment - even espresso or nitro. You can even add it to your favorite coffee to offset the acid, caffeine, or blood pressure spike from the coffee - and make it taste better. Other coffee alternatives suggest that you need to change your routines and learn how to adjust your rituals and refreshment expectations to a clumsy mix or preparation process. Our message at FigBrew is just the opposite. We've found the perfect cup of coffee...that happens to actually not have any coffee in it.

Don’t change your morning routine. Enhance it.

Our Brews


Caffeine-free, pure roasted fig beverage.

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Mellow Mix

Half-caff premium coffee with a healthy add-on of our roasted figs.

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FigBrew Functionals

Although roasted fig is a functional beverage itself, FigBrew Functionals add chai, matcha, or beetroot for even more health benfits.

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Figgee Samples

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Single Serve Pods

Your morning routine just got easier! Enjoy your favorite FigBrew beverage in our recyclable, environmentally friendly k-cups. Each k-cup provides a convenient, single-serve moment to yourself with the same great taste.